Industrial Equipment

Decoring Hammers for foundry in different models depending on the kind of casting to decore.
The hammers remove the sand core from cast iron, aluminium and steel castings of engine parts and
from castings produced using the investment casting process.

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Providing heat treatment for steel material to extend lifetime. Able to work at a maximum temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius, with a maximum quenching (cooling process) pressure of 20 bars using nitrogen gas and argon.

Produces high grade steel in square or round ingot. Able to work up to temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius.

Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, suitable for industrial needs with simultaneous suction capability. Adjustable vacuum pressure for user convenient is the features in order to be applied for applications such as abrasive, sand, soil, glass shards, refractory, casting, dust, oil and etc.

A comprehensive and highly competitive simulation software for prediction and assessment of metal casting industry to improve casting quality, optimize process conditions and reduce production cost. It is capable to automate virtual design of experiments (DoE) to pursue your desire quality and cost objectives simultaneously.

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The process of cleaning the surface of the material using a high-pressure air spraying system with various media such as sand, water, and others. Blasting can be categorized as a surface treatment that is widely applied to the world of engineering such as shipbuilding, maintenance of piping systems, maintenance of equipment / fluid machines and others.

Equipment for cleaning dies or molds using dry ice pllet. Does not damage the surface of the molds and dies. Does not leave waste because the residue will be evaporated. Ferro Eco blast also has another equipment such as Shot Peening and Wheel Blast.